A Twilight Stroll

A Twilight Stroll

By Richard M. O’Donnell. 

She flicks on the light,
a towel wrapped around her head
the only cover,
unaware the open blinds
reveals she is everything
my wife is not.

I turn away,
my better half oblivious
to my disappointment
as we stroll
toward evening’s end.


RICHARD M. O’DONNELL, MFA, is the co-founder of the Oberlin Writers’ Group (2003) and the founder of the Infinite Monkey Sci-fi/Fantasy Writers group (2014). His works have appeared in many venues including, a chapbook, Special Watch, by Crisis Chronicle Publisher (2016), a story collection on floppy disc, Rice Wine, Guernica Editions (1984), and stories or poems in Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, A Long Story Short and the North Coast Review to name a few. He has earned two Ohio Arts Councils awards for his fiction. For more information, go to www.wormsview.com

Photo by Cameron Russell.

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