A Visit from Aliens

A Visit from Aliens

By Dale Warren. 

I wonder what aliens really do see
When from their far planet they watch you and me
Do they stand there and wonder how it could be
That we say we love one another, when war we decree

We show them racism, hatred, and greed
They see what we do to get things we want but don’t need
But, do they see when someone does a good deed
Or only when one lashes out at another with great speed

Do they really find it that hard to understand
Why we use up our resources, and destroy our good land
Do they see proof we’d extend them a big helping hand
To solve their dilemmas, when our own are so grand

There’s no proof of existence some scholars discuss
Add your differences to ours, others want them to rush
Just come down and visit, put an end to the fuss
But, I wonder if maybe those aliens are just smarter than us


DALE WARREN and his lovely bride physically live in the western suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Dale has been writing various short stories, poems, and religious articles for many years. Once upon a time, he listed “writing” as a hobby. However, he has recently devoted full-time to improving his craft and would like to turn it into a second career.

Photo by Acid Midget.

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