LSS, a writer’s ezine, published its first story in July of 2003 under the editorial eyes of Denise Cassino, Linda Barnett-Johnson and Amy Pacini. Their goal was simple: to create an ezine that would publish the best fiction and poetry from both emerging and established writers. But time changes all things, and February 2015 saw the prose torch passed to new editors Anisa Claire and Kim Bussey.

The goal of LSS to publish entertaining stories and poetry remains the same. But while we’re currently still a non-paying ezine, one of our long-term goals is to find the funds to pay our contributors. We will also be including non-fiction articles and tips on a broad range of subjects: developing story ideas, editing, formatting ebooks, building an author’s platform, marketing, interviews with successful authors and many other topics.

We wish Denise, Linda and Amy much success with their new endeavors and hope you all continue to enjoy reading LSS.




Are you one of us? Are you a Constant Reader? Do you long to find yourself lost in a good story? Do you enjoy short fiction across a wide spectrum of genres?

Good. Let us tempt your imagination. Stroll beneath the colorful banners. Leave your troubles at the gate. Step up to the booth. Here’s a strip of tickets. Enjoy the spectacle! Enjoy the rides! Welcome to Reader’s Carnival!

Reader’s Carnival is 100% about you, the Constant Reader. Showcasing the very best writing from indie authors at Writer’s Carnival (http://writerscarnival.ca), there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

1452179_235363243292151_1263369963_nCome explore the world of reading, from book reviews, author interviews to what books are coming to screens large and small. Celebrate your avid reader lifestyle with photos of your secret reading nooks and share your favorite lists and collections. Classic and contemporary, all genres are welcome, from suspense to fantasy, from western to romance and from horror to steampunk. Quizzes, contests, and engaging discussion round out the fun.

See you around the fairgrounds!




meettheeditors~~element356 Kim Bussey was born and raised in Ohio, which makes her a confirmed Buckeye and hard to reach during an OSU football game. The eldest in our family of editors, she won’t confess to any dates regarding college graduation or number of years spent as an editor or writer, but she has taught courses in flash fiction, self-editing, and social media promotion. She will admit to having a passion for all genres of flash and often recommends to her editing clients to practice micro-flash as a means of keeping their own editing skills sharp. Kim’s stories have been published in numerous print and on-line magazines. She’s currently working on her first novel.



meettheeditors~~element357 ​Anisa Claire has been conjuring stories since she learned to put words together to form sentences. Whether growing up in central B.C., Canada, or sharing the joy of current life in the Vancouver area with her husband, Anisa has always scoured the internet for information and communities to improve her skills as an author. This need to help not only herself but other writers lead Anisa to create Writer’s Carnival, an online community for writers, and its sister site, Reader’s Carnival, a site for avid readers. Reader’s Carnival is a paying magazine that publishes the works of Writer’s Carnival members and is in print as well as online. Anisa also has various stories published in e-zines, magazines and in anthologies.

Writer’s Carnival: www.writerscarnival.ca
Reader’s Carnival: www.readerscarnival.ca



tumblr_inline_n62v9oPGqp1srt9b2-e1430349183924Besides being a brutal self-editor, Karen Payton Holt is a doting mother and grandmother. She hails from Wales, but now lives in the ‘garden of England’–the county of Kent in the South East of England. Karen came late to writing but was bitten by the bug and now cannot stop! The first two books of her five book vampire series, ’Fire and Ice’, are in the hands of her agent. The third book is in final edits while book four is almost complete and book five has a chapter plan. There is also a prequel to the series, Death of Connor Sanderson.



256square2Doug Langille is a husband, father, writer and shameless technophile living the good life in Nova Scotia. He’s also a grandfather, bird keeper, dog owner and cat butler. By day, Doug fights the good fight working in I.T. at the Nova Scotia Community College. When asked to describe his work, he says: “I think stuff up and write it down.” He does other stuff too. Doug draws inspiration from his favourite authors, including: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Jack Whyte, Philip K. Dick and Robert W. Service. He doesn’t usually talk about himself in the third-person, but when he does he tends to bend the truth. www.douglangille.ca



tumblr_inline_n8234om6HZ1srt9b2Travis Baribeau is a Superintendent for a construction company in Vancouver, B.C.  He is originally from the Canadian prairies, but eventually settled on the west coast. Travis enjoys writing and reading poetry, playing guitar, and losing a few hours in the world of x-Box.  His passion for art was recently re-awakened when he purchased an iPad and an art program, and from that, he created all of the art for Writer’s Carnival, Reader’s Carnival, and the book project, Midnight Abyss.  He has now added site graphics and monthly covers for A Long Story Short to the list.