America is There

America is There

By Paul Bland. 

In the arising of towns and cities
Lakes and streams and great rivers
Wide and the color of muddy blue.
Gentle hills with trees
Dense and with shadows,
Grass-covered fields and arbors
Ready for harvest, regardless of the season.
Below a sky of red, white and blue.

America is there
In the summer view of
Trees now green
Along a field overgrown and humid.
In the fall foliage that presumes
Winter with its’ bare notice
Of snow and cold.
In Spring when lime unfolds
And flowers help us remember.

America is there
In birth,
In the sorrow of death,
In a returning to the land
That identifies us as Americans.
Americans tied to freedoms
Expressed in the words of the living
To be inherited as an honor
And a duty.

Picture by Stuart Richards.

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