Anew Tale

Anew Tale

By Wendy R. Blair.

I need to write my tale anew.
There’s no use dwelling on the cracks
that I’ve let so much life slip through
or focusing on faults and lacks.

I woke this morning with the thought,
“I need to write my tale anew,
create the sense of self I’ve sought,
stop sipping from a poisoned brew.”

To change my inner mirror’s view,
and keep from pounding my own chin.
I need to write my tale anew
so healing magic can begin.

To rout my self-directed wrath,
to bid self-loathing thoughts adieu
and face the fears that fill my path,
I need to write my tale anew.

Wendy R BlairWendy Blair is a former Southern California gal who moved to the other South thinking the mid-life change of career and scenery would give her more time to write – another entry on the long list titled, Wendy’s Misconceptions. . She brings six decades of life experience to her current role as the owner and innkeeper of Rose Hill Bed and Breakfast in Virginia.  Having worn more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins, she has pursued paths as an actress, singer, director, carpenter, waitress, short-order cook, writer, landscape designer, event-planner, public speaker, development director, business executive, fundraiser, teacher, caterer, wedding coordinator, witness preparation specialist, community volunteer and soccer coach. Most of these career paths have helped prepare her for role as “Mistress of Rose Hill,” and provide a lot of grist for the writing mill. Poetry is her first love and she is a stodgy, unrepentant, true rhymer who is also a stickler about rhythm.

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