Astro the Space Monkey

Astro the Space Monkey

by Rachel Hofton

art by REBELalaMODE

Today mum and I went to the zoo to see all the animals. The monkeys were my favourite. I wanted to take one home to play with me, but mum said no. Mum let me choose a toy from the gift shop. I chose a soft toy monkey that could hang around my neck. I named him Astro.

That night I took him to bed with me and I dreamed… A space monkey took me for a ride in a space rocket. We monkeyed around on Mercury, it’s the smallest planet. Played hide and seek on Venus, it’s the second closest planet to the sun. Rocked out laying music on Mars, it is fiery red just like a fire truck. Played ball games on Jupiter, the largest planet of them all. Danced around Saturn’s rings, all nine of them. Played in a playground on Uranus, it was lucky the wind didn’t blow us away. Took a nap on Neptune, it’s the furthest from the sun. Explored the moon, tonight it was full. Flew around the stars, before heading home.

When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. In bed next to me was a real space monkey. Then I look closer and discovered it was just Astro, ready for our next adventure.


Rachel Hofton is a member on Writer’s Carnival and has had her art published in previous issues of Reader’s Carnival.  She is passionate about writing, drawing and watching footy.  She often participates in the different NanoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo challenges.  Rachel is creative, talented and working hard on getting her work out into the public.

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