At the Line

At the Line

By Linara Kolosov.

Have you ever been in front of the Line,
When there could be no tomorrow for you?
I was.
Luckily, I didn’t understand it until I saw the sunshine
And they explained to me that I was almost dead.

Have you ever been on the Edge of the Roof,
When you thought that you would be a burden for your loved ones and family
Because you would never be the same again?
I was.
Luckily my doctor was an idiot who didn’t check all the facts
And scared a girl, who just started to heal
But already made a plan how not to be a trouble any more.

Have you ever been on the bottom of the Abyss,
When you thought that your pain would break you into thousand of pieces?
I was.
But there was nothing that could make this pain less destructive
And it made me want to fight for my life even more.
I took my will instead of the knife and started to move
Absolutely destroyed,
Scared of everyone and everything,
But self-reliant.

There are so many questions and so many Lines,
On which we all find ourselves in different times,
When we all can say, that we stayed there once,
And even thoughts of it cause our sadness and cries.
But we didn’t jump from the Roof we found ourselves
Staying on the Edge and thinking of self-defense.
We just made our way out of the Abyss,
With millions of scratches and dirty broken nails.
We are all still here, battered, tired but all alive
With a great luggage of knowledge about our own life.


Linara Kolosov was born and raised in Russia. During the last four years their family is travelling through the North America, following her husband’s scientific researches. Linara is writing every day with the desire to become an acknowledged author. Right now she is working on her first crime novel, and also loves to write short stories and poetry to make imagination work better.

Linara loves creativity not only in writing form and on her free time she is painting and sewing, making home crafts with family.


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