The Aurora Watcher’s Greater Sky

The Aurora Watcher’s Greater Sky

By Greg Shipman.

For fourteen years
in ice carved winter months
I’ve stared into crystal skies
that drape across Alaskan Landscape

Fascinated and eyes aglow,
I spy majestic wonderland
where stars gleam like diamonds
with hanging moon like dusted glass

From here to there and back again
my eyes dance left to right,
and ever more in painted swirls
I’m captured by this silent show


And once again
as sky ignites
the magic wand
tracks ‘cross the sky

In splendid green
with yellow tint
or red or blue…
Nature’s brush strokes true


And as I look in wonderment;
this magic moment captivates,
now a captained craft afloat,
streaking across electron seas

No greater thing have I beheld;
no display could touch me more,
until the day I first spied thee…
as you formed my greater sky

tumblr_inline_n5ufpmlv7w1srt9b2.jpgA native East Baltimorean, but now a Fairbanks, Alaska resident, Gregory K. Shipman has a day job which often extends into the evening hours. His passion is writing about the steamy, noir side of life… past, present and future. He has yet to earn a dime from his scribbles but has the satisfaction of knowing it’s all non-taxable. Greg is an active member of the on-line community, Writer’s Carnival, the Community Writer’s Group of Fairbanks, and a board member of The Fairbanks Drama Association. He lives a life of hardly quiet desperation with his pet laptop and unreliable Jeep. He enjoys Jazz, Blues, Theater and the occasional diabetic coma…

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