Poetry Part #2

Poetry Part #2


Acceptance of what life brings is living well,
It may be fair weather or pain to dwell
Along with difficult people at times as well.

Acceptance adds strength to bear pain,
A keen brain can enhance beauty from plain
Being slightly humble instead of vain.Pleasing others, a special gift of response,
Listening intently without any yawns
While weighing pros and cons.Along with misfortune comes hope,
Embracing good things to help cope
While grasping tightly to climb the towrope.
Appreciation of gifts or giving them
Is gratifying and sparkles like a gem
From which many blessings may stem.

by Floriana Hall


FLORIANA HALL was born in 1927 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Distinguished Graduate of Cuyahoga Falls High School, Ohio in June 1948, and attended Akron University. She is an author and poet of 17 inspirational books, nonfiction and poetry. All of her books are available on Amazon.com. She has five children, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. She is the founder and coordinator of THE POET’S NOOK at Cuyahoga Falls Library.



Projects hiding out in the workshop
stair rail spindles need sanding
swivel bank-chair
American Furniture Warehouse special
waiting patiently for another
complete overhaul
third implosion from
shoddy factory glue-joints.
Outside snow mid-calf and deepening
two weeks-worth
piled into mountainous ranges
each side of the stone-walk canyon
drifting incessantly against the door.
Firewood well provisioned inside as well
even along the dining room wall
thank goodness covering up past
shelves housing tchotchke pie birds.
murmuring wood-stove blaze
glass of Annie Green Springs
snow day poems

by P.L. Wick

p.l. wick: a versifier, never a “poet”—a writer, busy having a good time writing… wick is the co-editor and self-proclaimed mendicant of Cheap Seats Ticket to Ride, voice for poets: a quarterly not-for-profit, actual ink and paper publication. For info and guidelines, see:Alleykatpoets.blogspot.com (Jan 14, 2k15).

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