Awful Glad I’m not a Bug

Awful Glad I’m not a Bug

by Kat McMann

art by Ninja-Jamal

I’m awful glad I’m not a bug;

to go through life without a hug.

If I were to be a mouse,

I’d make my home in someone’s house.

However, if I were a cat

I’d eat so much that I’d be fat.

Well then, I’d have to be a dog

so I could teach that lazy cat to jog.

I think I’d want to be a pig

so I could show them both the jig.

But maybe if I was a goat

I would find out if I could float.

Though if I were to be a cow,

to jump, I would show them somehow.

Perhaps, if I could be a horse

I’d be the fastest on the course.

To imagine is so much fun.

Do you have a favorite one?

As for me, I can plainly see

I am happy to be just me.


Kat McMann is a writer, poet and entrepreneur. As an author of children’s books she has written 10 children’s books (2 have been published): “I’m Awful Glad I’m Not A Bug” and “Baby Nut Nuts”.

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