Battle Masks

Battle Masks

by Olivia Grace Owens

art by Max-Dragon

We’re born of hate, fear, and strife
Injustice and unrest gives us all life.
Humanity’s mistake was to believe,
Its own magnificence had been achieved.

The universe so vast made you believe
You were alone; you were naïve.
We waited from afar, unseen
Trapped in this world of in-between.

We’d learned to live our lives in silence,
Quietly watching from a distance.
When all your pomp gave way to fear,
It then allowed us to appear.

Without considering the cost,
You tried to fight us but you lost.
Despite your will you didn’t think,
The simplest answer: a smile, a wink.

A thing so small and innocent,
So effortless a sentiment.
You didn’t think to stop and ask
Us, to remove our battle masks.

It took a child to recognize
Our fierceness -simply a guise.
A challenge to you all, proclaimed
If you were worthy to be saved.

A last chance, you now have to show
Our choice was right; and even though,
We are unseen, now just a myth,
We’re always watching herewith.

Until we showed, we weren’t near
Dark thoughts of war made us appear.
Forever vigilant we watch in silence,
Hoping humanity will grow a conscience.

You named us Dragons, we are seers.
Our constant whispers dry your tears.
We’re now forever known for woe,
And though we’re friend, we’re also foe.

I am a second generation American and a native expatriate. I use several pseudonyms because I believe they give me an air of mystery. The more pseudonyms, the bigger the mystery. I have yet to be published, but my hopes are high. I recently received an offer for my work to be published in a reputable publication entitled “Common Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make.” I am very excited. In my spare time, I raise two little boys who are six and seven years old.

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