By Deanne Gwinn.

The depths could drift in ageless slumber, soundless

in stagnant dark, the unfelt eons boundless,

if distance could negate the sun’s command

and solid reason could occult the moon.

Unsettled, though, by forces all enfolding,

which pull to life the currents dark is holding,

the depths surge upward to the sun’s command

and undulate in yearning for the moon.

Deep swirls of formless need
coalesce in currents which require
endless swells upsurging toward the shore.

The tensile surface gleams,
alive with rippling silver fire,
and swells, then hollows, swells in search of shore.

As swell by swell the sea
surmounts the foam of cresting prior,
the pounding waves with thunderous hiss come pulsing into shore.


DEANNE E. GWINN, member of the Earth community, has abiding interest in eco-system preservation (save the planet from human folly), the theme of her five novels available at Another Deanne Gwinn acted in the TV movie “Helter Skelter.” Deanne E. never acted beyond fourth grade. (She joined band instead.)

Photo credit: Stormy beach at low tide by Mark Kieffer via Flickr CC.

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