By Craig Lincoln.

The cycle of life as we pass through it
Is one about change there is nothing else to it
Do we rail against change and try to stop it in it’s tracks
Do we accept it for what it is and take it with thanks
Change can be burdensome for those set in their ways
They put up hurdles that must be jumped each day
To welcome change as a friend and not as a foe
Is to follow your journey to accept it and let go
Fear can cloud our ability to change
The fear of the unknown the fear of the strange
These changes will occur as life unfolds
Like stories from the ages they change as they are told
We are the constant that must follow on
We have no choice but to embark on
This journey of change that we call life
To follow it through both pleasure and strife


CRAIG LINCOLN is a writer with poetry as a focus. He has a website He has 2 poetry collections on kindle ebooks Dance Macabre and A Minds Eye View Come Talk With Me both books are available from Amazon.

Photo credit: The Pensive Landing by Wonderlane via Flickr CC

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