Child of the Wild

Child of the Wild

By Robert L. Martin. 

Child of the wild, go thither me lad
From caves to caves you wander forth
Boundaries are walls made of paper mesh
With open fields of pink gardens ahead
And poets who live in wooden dreams

Go thither me lad and dive head first
Where dreamers float with the easy tide
And shores are imaginary fences all around

Whistle a merry tune with
Your emancipated breath
As life goes away and
Comes back tomorrow
For life in the norm
Is a breath confined

Civility is a place for sheep to follow
Where wild children live in prisons
With sad eyes looking out into space
Longing to catch the stars when they fall
From dark ceilings and shivering skies

Laws are shackles that hurt your ankles
Judges have hammers that beat you down
Conformity is a strange beast from the east
With long tentacles that reach all around
And choke what life there is within you

Child of the wild, life is not your paradise
Life is a space with walls closing in

Photo by Andy.

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