Color Me

Color Me

By Debbie Hilbish.

I like the color purple to proclaim my energy
I’ve spent such time projecting
can’t you notice me?
Wanting to adorn
self expressions worn
method used
how to choose
influence abused
feather bone shell jeans
make-up tattoo glittering gold things
defining self
every day
without my saying
who am I today
Uniquely acceptable
so hard to achieve
within the propriety
dye my face
don’t abase
perhaps it’s just a facade to chase
peacock blues golds greens
lots of shades in between
how twisted
I want to believe
you’re seeing
beyond the skin on me
Some days
life doesn’t seem to fit,
I’m just a stow away
when a bit prosaic
I’ll dress
in black and gray


DEBBIE HILBISH has been writing poetry since she was a young teen. Her first book of poetry was published in 2007, followed by a published chap book in 2010. Debbie has held poetry readings throughout the southwest and had seminars, sponsored by Arizona and New Mexico libraries, on poetry appreciation for young adults. She also hosted an eight week author’s fair at The Reader’s Oasis book store in Quartzsite AZ from 2008 through 2012 She has spent the last three years directing her energy towards working on her first novel.

Photo credit: Partial rainbow by Till Westermayer via Flickr CC.

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