Congratulations, It’s a Boy

Congratulations, It’s a Boy

By Berti Walker.

There was something about her that really did it for him. She was raw, so primal, the quintessential woman. Being with her was like being with a wild animal furiously mating, rather than the dull courtship he was used to. She was his untamed beast.

He knew it was a short term commitment. He had the most spectacular winter holiday of his life with her and then left, as he must do, knowing that the next glacial period that would wipe out that area was due the following year, and there was nothing he could do to save her. There were rules. He could not bring her back with him, that was definitely out of the question.

He left her there to her fate, his paleolithic plaything, and went home. Home, where he was just in time for the discovery of a prehistoric woman found preserved in a glacier. A perfect specimen bearing a long scar just like the one on his untamed lover. And in her arms a child. A little baby boy who looked quite different from these cave-people, almost modern. A little baby boy who looked just like his dad.


Berti Walker is originally from the armpit of California. She currently resides in God’s Waiting Room, Florida. She enjoys reading, writing, sculpting, and arguing over the superiority of cats versus dogs.

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