Copper Risings

Copper Risings

By Robert L. Martin. 

Behold, that colossal candle
That lives in the darkness
With its risings and its proud entrances
Its mysterious love affair with the earth
Peaking out of ebony tattered garments
As they hang and sway in the eastern sky
As silent symphonies and silent cymbals
Whisper in the inundation of light
With the pulsating music of the spirits

Behold, that copper fire as it flaunts itself
Peaking boldly through the black curtains
Dressed up in its finest garments
With its medals of valor pinned to its chest
Its mysterious transformation from the night
Wrapping a yellow cloak around its torso
And embarking on its westward journey
Before it passes over forests and meadows

Behold, its sacred eyes that see the unseen
Its warm smiles and its sympathetic arms
Its promises that are forever kept
Its reliability that never falls out of step
Marching in majesty
With the chronicles of time

Behold, copper risings
With their beauty
With that eternal flame
That lights up the skies
Behold, the sun

Photo by Audrey.

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