Date Site Slasher

Date Site Slasher

by Travis Baribeau

photo by onelovedivine

I found this cool new website
Called Atom Bomb Dot Com
That sheds a little insight
Into dating lives gone wrong

Girls there are a plenty
Guys there are a few
The girls I’ve killed, now twenty
Of guys, I’ve only two

I’ve poisoned them with fine aged wine
I’ve cut them in their sleep
I’ve choked them out with old red twine
Their souls are mine to reap

It’s all just so damn easy
So desperate to believe
From super cute to sleazy
Of lives they are relieved

This spree cannot go on too long
My luck is bound to break
The final verses of my song
No more chances I must take

Some time I’ll spend unwinding
Let torrent seas grow calm
And dream of people I’ve been meeting
At Atom Bomb Dot Com


Travis is a Superintendent for a construction company in Vancouver, B.C.  He is originally from the Canadian prairies, but eventually settled on the west coast.  Travis enjoys writing and reading poetry, playing guitar, and losing a few hours in the world of x-Box.

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Tim Hillebrant


Great poem Mr. Travis Sir.
Reads a lot like the Craigslist killer story in the news- just from the killers POV.
Keep writing sir- I’ll keep-a-reading.

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