Dating Someone with a Sixth Sense

Dating Someone with a Sixth Sense

By Tania Duarte. 

You used to say you loved it
when I guessed things,
why you were upset,
what you wanted to tell me
even before you discovered
there was something there to begin with.

You used to say you loved
the fact that I could read you so well
but that, my darling-
that’s not my job.
Or it shouldn’t have to be.

I was not born to read between your lines
or interpret your slurred words.
I was born to foresee
what’s invisible to the eye,
to get prepared for the worst case scenario,
to be an oracle,
not your damn problem solver.

I saw it coming,
but I could never stop it
nor see the how.
And, my love,
there’s nothing
more emotionally tiring
than waiting for something to happen
and still be powerless about it.


TANIA DUARTE is an English Graduate from Barcelona, Spain, with a lot to say about love, heartbreak and friendship. She likes people who are not afraid to be vulnerable, and she’s very passionate about magic, poetry, beauty, the ocean and animals.

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Photo by MIke Lacroix.


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