By Annalie Buscarino. 

It was silent.
The clearing on the hilltop,
ages of passion beating beneath our bodies.
The stillness of twilight,
pounding blood through the branches of our souls.
Inky curtains of water
sifting through promises from honey-coated lips.
Our cores twined together as one,
a pulsing harmony of
stories and storytellers’ fires
flaring up to the stars as a
rebellion to the gods,
the moon blazing its
endless finalities.
It was silent.

About Annalie

Annalie is a 17-year-old writer from Long Island, New York. She anticipates the pursuit of a college major in English and creative writing, and hopes to one day publish a book. Annalie’s other interests include soccer, class activities, community service, travel, and environmental outings. With the world unfolding around her, Annalie hopes to explore and change the future of humanity, particularly through the influence of her writing.

Picture by Cirofono

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