By Mary J. Winters-Meyer. 

I dreamed of you last night,
memory and fantasy intermingled
images, thoughts and feelings
merging and parting like an intricate dance.

It was a good dream.

Our eyes meet, that first glance, and you smile.
Your eyes are filled with mischief and mirth,
Your face alight with pleasure as you hold my gaze.
I smile in return as I watch you approach.

How could I not respond to your smile?

Your head bends low and we kiss in a darkened room.
You asked my permission, but there is no hesitation in your touch.
Your lips are sure, your manner confident as your arms pull me close.
I savor the taste of you.

How could I not respond to your kiss?

Your arm around my waist steadies me as I cry out
Enjoying the feel of your fingers as they glide over my skin.
I thrill to the sound of your soft growl as I return the caress.
Our mutual pleasure delights me.

How could I not respond to your passion?

I awaken gently with a smile.
I slowly stretch, eyes still closed,
unwilling to let go of the dream,
clinging to the memory, the fantasy.

It was a good dream.

Photo by Harold Heindell Tejada.

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