By S.R. Telford.

It was over two hundred years ago that, as a young man, I first saw the thing rumbling down the tracks. Honestly, if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed. . . But where are my manners?

I am Doran Magle, an Alliance Observation Specialist, assigned to planet Earth. I record and report all progress made by this young world. One day, they will be mature enough to join the Intergalactic Alliance. The truth is I am not anxious for that to happen. You see, I have grown fond of this planet, its people and passion. Once touched by the allure of space, I fear this place could never be the same.

Each year, at a season the natives call Christmas, I take an enchanted train to a magical place, specializing in unspoiled happiness. Listen, here comes the Polar Express now.

da05771be537fbd796669e8b25bf35ab-bpfullIt is a fortunate man that turns passion into a career. For forty plus years, it was architecture. These days it is writing, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Hi, If there were other worlds? And I don’t say there are not. I would like them to have someone watching over us as kind and caring as he.Read this while eating breakfast. A good note to start my day on. Thank you.

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