Endless Dream

Endless Dream

By Fred R. Anderson.

(dedicated to my wife, Elaine)

For too long I wandered
in an unknown place,
in an endless dream
void of all time and space.

Oh, how my weary eyes
grew mesmerized,
by a vision
descending soft-ly,
to me below.

Her white satin dress,
so gently
in the morning sun’s,
amber glow.

Her eyes like sparkling gems
alluring as an azure sea,
cast their surreal spell
now and forever,
seducing me.

And when heaven came
to touch the earth,
two single flames
now blazed as one,
forging a new birth.


FRED R ANDERSON is a husband and father, retired and living in rural Virginia.     He enjoys writing in various genres and watching plays by Shakespeare.

Photo by LadyDragonflyCC.

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