By Ansley Ray. 
Stuck in the muck                            Sunrises on a dew drop
Muddling                                               Morning
My thoughts turn oozy                        Tastes sweet
Towards the wild and                         Turning points
Dangerous                                     Last longer than the rise
Side                                                     Of mirrored
Of things.                                               Selves
Racing time                                    Bending one last time
Competing with                                  Twist the bitter
Each other                                         Watch the sweat
To be the one                                         Rolling
The one worth                                        Running
Running for                                            Always


ANSLEY RAY Ray is the author of “The Chroma.” You can find a couple of poems that she has published under another name, but mostly she is a shy, outdoorsy woman, who is working on her inner artist. You can reach her at anselyray13@gmail.com.

Photo by ND Strupler

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