Family Strength and Devotion

Family Strength and Devotion

By Greg Shipman.

She was thirteen, and brave. Her mother was a wreck and steadfast at her side. I was a witness, dispassionate on the outside… erupting volcano on the inside. My daughter was just out of her third operation in four weeks. Three times her doctor had split her back open… and sewn it shut. Three times this thirteen year old had re-opened her eyes to excruciating pain. Pain her mother and I prayed to be lifted from her to one or both of us. Her mother never left her side. I logged mega-miles and mega-hours in the air for my every two weeks visit from 5000 miles away. Mom did what she had to do while I took her place as sentry, gatekeeper, entertainer and empathetic listener to a daughter-in-pain. For three and a half months in a hospital room that was home to that thirteen-year-old, mother and father were a team. Isn’t it amazing what divorced parents can accomplish when their daughter is under duress?

tumblr_inline_n5ufpmlv7w1srt9b2.jpgA native East Baltimorean, but now a Fairbanks, Alaska resident, Gregory K. Shipman has a day job which often extends into the evening hours. His passion is writing about the steamy, noir side of life… past, present and future. He has yet to earn a dime from his scribbles but has the satisfaction of knowing it’s all non-taxable. Greg is an active member of the on-line community, Writer’s Carnival, the Community Writer’s Group of Fairbanks, and a board member of The Fairbanks Drama Association. He lives a life of hardly quiet desperation with his pet laptop and unreliable Jeep. He enjoys Jazz, Blues, Theater and the occasional diabetic coma…

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