Fear, Love and Hate

Fear, Love and Hate

by SourgirlOhio

picture by SparklesOfHeather

A phobia that’s silent
Eleven months a year
Awakened in October
A pesky, dormant fear

It’s in the jars and in the bowls
It’s on the drug store shelves
Its waxiness is there for all
Who want to help themselves

Many colors, sizes, shapes
And brands to fit your taste
Don’t let its crumbly texture
Or plastic flavor go to waste

My nightmare as a child
When Halloween came ’round
To find my goody bag was filled
With sticky kernels by the pound

Don’t misunderstand my words
I love the thirty-first
Festivities and trick-or-treat
The scary, damned and cursed

I embrace the holiday
With feelings that are torn
I really do love Halloween
Though I hate that candied corn

20141002_164902I’m an amateur writer, reader and blogger.  I live in Ohio with my family.

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