I Need to Met-er

by Nancy E. Davis.

I’m ill at ease, but if you please, I’ll have another go.
I haven’t got it down as yet, but I can win I know.
for with da DUM you’ll find the sum is equal to a foot,
but if you hic-cup on the way it all can go ka-put.

Just keep the beat, you’ll find it sweet, accentuate the rhyme
Just count and drum, da DUM da DUM, you’ll have iambic time.
But if Da dum is what you hum, trochiac is the key,
the beat is on the syllable you start with first. you see?

There are exceptions to the rule, of course it’s all depending,
add a syllable to lines you’ve used a female ending.
You’ll have an extra syllable, but that will be okay
the meter won’t be off at all, It won’t get in the way

A trochee is a metric foot of stressed and unstressed beat,
it’s prosody I’ll learn it all, I won’t admit defeat!



Prosody- The study of the making of verse, especially of metrical form.
Meter- two syllables= one metric foot
Two feet =four syllables – Dimeter.
Three feet= six syllables-Trimeter
Four feet=eight syllables-Tetrameter
Five feet= ten syllables-Pentameter
Iambic meter- da-DUM
trochaic meter-DA-dum
Anapaestic meter-da-da-DUM



Nancy has been writing poetry seriously for four years now. She love sonnets and tends to do the dramatic and sad although she is normally a happy person except for the loss of her husband which prompted her to write. Nancy’s poetry comes from the heart and it comforts her. She loves poetry and is learning more about it every day!

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