Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

by Ginny Cope.


I’m listening to the sound of chairs a riding,

The cranking of the wheels of bright light.

Slowly falling round and round

Rising to turn and turn hitting the ground.

You never know how you might be stuck,

Here on the top or at the bottom

I’m a senior citizen on this old ride

A simply delightful Ferris wheel

This indeed is the bright ride,

I cover my eyes as we go in the air

Miles away you see the steel lights

Strollers below look upward with delight

The grinding after being greased,

My pleasure in riding is my relief.

Locking the bar between us is neat

Age is endless for those who like to swing their feet


GINNY COPE was born in Silver Springs, Maryland and she was raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She is now married and a housewife. Her hobbies include art, music, singing, writing, poetry, short stories, short plays, and short screenplays. She has received two awards from the Famous Poets Society in Talent, Oregon. These include the Editor’s Choice Awards in two anthology books. She is a VIP Alumni. She plans on continuing writing poetry, short stories, short plays and short screen plays for journal magazines such as the Poet’s Market. She has had one other poetry magazine called Write On! Poetry Magazette publish four of her poems from the Poet’s Market in Fairfield, Utah.

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