For the Autumn Princess and the Acorn

For the Autumn Princess and the Acorn

by Corbyal Ashclaw

photo by enko97

Un-mantled world, awaiting winter sleep,
Amid white sheets, bring forth your song.
Bare hands, bare feet. Dance in the Autumn leaves.
Discarded pages of the journals that you kept so long.
Dismembered sheaves.
Now naked fields are where your heels belong,
Your furrows, where she cleaves.

Under the bluster winds and silver clouds,
The new seed sleeps in quiet ground.
Bare roots, bare feet. Breathe in the air you‘ve found.
New-stranded web of dreams.
New entries that are yet un-bound.
Rebuilding stones.
Grow taking sweetness here where you have clung,
And fortify the bones.

Un-burdened tree, abide in winter’s kiss,
With branches strong. Bare head, bare feet.
Dance over cradled seeds.
Acorns, green shoots.
The lamb-fields always where your heart is won,
In muddy welly-boots.

Un-trammelled Autumn Princess, hold your crown
Above white fleets, your wakening song.
Bear-heart, bare feet.
Wearing the rainbow wings-
Heroic paintings of the freedom that is born again,
Depicting stars.
Now snow white fields are where the dancers come,
And all the footprints, ours.


My name is Jennifer Litster, but I write under the name of Corbyal Ashclaw, a character in my novel Gryngolet. I am 29. I moved from England to Scotland when I was seven and much of my writing is inspired by the Scottish country side. I spent seven years living in Arbroath with my parents and three younger sisters and graduated from St Andrews University in 2007 with an English degree. I have been writing ever since. I have a three year old son, and I am married with a cat and five kittens. I wrote the poem ‘For the Autumn Princess and the Acorn’ for my sister when her little daughter was born nine years ago. My dream is to make my living as a novelist and give my son a future full of hope. I am currently living in Fife.

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