Fresh as a Daisy

Fresh as a Daisy

by Floriana Hall.


It’s crisp and fresh each morning,
Our new fallen snow.
It is white but has no odor
Unlike daisies I know.

To gaze at dazzling white
Is a rather pretty sight for the eyes, except
I’d rather it be out of sight, out of mind,
Not out my front and back door.

The snow turns to ice with zero degrees
Don’t mind the cold, but don’t like the freeze!
When winter blues or blahs are here
Life can still be a blast.

With birthday parties,
Valentine’s Day, President’s Day,
Any sunny day,
Those are things that will last.


FLORIANA HALL was born in 1927 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Distinguished Graduate of Cuyahoga Falls High School, Ohio in June 1948, and attended Akron University. She is an author and poet of 17 inspirational books, nonfiction and poetry. All of her books are available on She has five children, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. She is the founder and coordinator of THE POET’S NOOK at Cuyahoga Falls Library.

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