Ghost Owl

Ghost Owl

By Diane Dahlstrom. 

Silent in Starry Night
an owl glides
over the village
to the hillside
and settles in her nook
in a towering cypress tree.
Eyes wide she scans
the expanse of clockwork,
glowing orbits spinning
through the turbulence
of Van Gogh’s soul.

The owl contemplates
her invisible place
in the shadowy corner
of the canvas.
She watches brush strokes
evoke Venus off the coast
of merging galaxies
and takes note
of the blacks holes
vacuuming time
into timelessness.

The moon is bright.
A drop of light drips
off  the crescent
marking a mouse
running through a field.
The owl fidgets.
Hungry she leans forward.
Spreads her wing.
Leaps out of the tree.


DIANE DAHLSTROM lives in Michigan’s upper peninsula.
She writes poetry and short stories and has been published
in various ezines including A Long Story Short.  She
loves the outdoors and  is also a landscape/nature
photography enthusiast.

Photo by Dave

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