Here’s to the Kids

by Veronica Burke

Here’s to the kids that have a dream
That almost seems unobtainable
For it’s a little far fetched and out there
A little too unexplainable

Here’s to the kids that always wear a smile
The world needs to see a face like yours
To help the people get through the rough times
Such as the deaths and the wars

Here’s to the kids that never want to grow up
And want to stay young forever
You’ll always be young at heart though
Just keep that in mind and remember

Here’s to the kids that feel left out
Who feel that no one’s there
There are people who love you dearly
There are people out there who care

Here’s to the kids who listen to the same songs
Because the lyrics mean a lot
They bring back memories both good and bad
They bring nostalgic thoughts

Here’s to the kids that won’t give up
Who’ll never go down without a fight
Keep the fire burning inside you
Keep on holding tight

Here’s to the kids that deserve so much more
Than what they have or get
Things will get better sooner or later
Life’s not over yet

Here’s to the kids that never feel good enough
And feel too different from everyone else
Don’t be afraid to be who you are
Love your own and unique self

Here’s to the kids all around the world
This is what I know
You are the future, and someday
You’ll be running the show

imageVeronica Burke is a young and ambitious writer whose dream is to become published. She is seventeen years old and lives in New York. Besides writing, she also loves music and movies.

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