Highlights from the Surrey International Writers’ Conference

Highlights from the Surrey International Writers’ Conference

The Surrey International Writers’s Conference (www.siwc.ca) is an extremely popular event for writers and readers to mingle and share their experiences. We caught up with our very own Anisa, manning the Writer’s and Reader’s Carnival tables this year.

We asked her some questions:

screenshots_2014-11-01-15-43-171. It’s a huge conference. Tell us about your first impressions when you arrived?

To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed.  My first impression was that it was a fabulous event for writers.  Everyone sort of glowed with excitement and nerves.

2. I’m sure it was a whirlwind experience. If you could freeze time, what was your favourite moment?

Great question.  I think for me it was witnessing all of the big name authors wandering around and mingling with all of the attendees.  It was pretty surreal.  

20141025_1724503. Who did you meet? Were they what you expected?

We had Chuck Wendig come to our table, he has quite the online personality and it shines through into his real life personality  He was fun to chat with quickly.  I also had my books signed by Jack Whyte (Awesome) and Diana Gabaldon (Also awesome). They were both very easy to chat with and they were talking to everyone and anyone at the conference.

20141025_1638324. Get any cool swag and autographs?

No cool swag, unfortunately, as I was pretty much tied to the Writer’s Carnival Table the entire time.  Lots of cool signatures, though, from Chuck Wendig, Jack Whyte, Diana Gabaldon, Chevy Stevens and then I won a book and had it signed by Roberta Rich.  The author signing event is pretty fun, but, wow, the line for Diana Gabaldon is INCREDIBLY long.

20141024_1412395. Your table for Writer’s and Reader’s Carnival looks epic. Did you have a big crowd?

Yes, people seemed to love the atmosphere of our table.  We were handing out genre bookmarks and candy bags and we had a huge raffle basket for people to enter to win.  There was a power point presentation going at all times and lots of information and Reader’s Carnival magazines to flip through.  

20141024_0855016. What did you learn for next time?

I learned that I need to not be so nervous and just have a blast!  And bring MORE candy.  Haha.  No, seriously though, I think I learned to mainstream the table a little bit more because Writer’s and Reader’s Carnival have so much to offer that it’s important to put the information out in digestible, bite-size pieces.  

Overall, I learned that it is an awesome place resource for writers and I hope that the conference gets bigger each year.



Anisa A. Claire manages property by day and is an eclectic author by night. She is also the creator and co-owner of Writer’s Carnival, a successful online community for writers. She has multiple publications in e-zines such as Long Story Short, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, The Short Humour Site, and Blood Magazine. She’s placed in, and won various contests, and completed in last year’s 3-Day Novel competition.

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