Horror Story

Horror Story

by Roxanna Andrews

image by frizzgig

I’ve been noticing a trend in society today,
I’ve read it and heard it in the things people say.

Horror, for the moment, is all the rage,
Acted out in books and even on the stage.

Why is it we love horror?
All the gruesome blood and gore?

Why do we love vampires and the walking dead.
What was it about this that someone once said?
(Oh yes,)

“We humans are the only creatures that love to scare ourselves.”
We keep plenty of material in the movies on our shelves.

Who gave vampires and werewolves so much power?
Seemingly able everything to devour?

(They didn’t have all that way back when),
I guess things were just much simpler then.

They turned into bats and sucked their victim’s blood,
I guess today a movie like that would really be a dud.

Werewolves needed a night with a full moon
To turn all teeth and hairy and make their victims swoon.

Today they transform and move with the speed of light,
And vampires and werewolves against each other fight.

Somehow I find that to be so very wrong,
Come on guys! Can’t we all just get along?

And don’t get me started on the walking dead,
Seeing one of them is something that I dread.

They’re so gross, and it’s so distressing.
The worst part is, they always keep you guessing.

Are they around the corner, is your boss one too?
(That last part I’m afraid just might be true.)

So you can keep all the horror,
Bloody guts and all the gore,

I’ll stick with the mystery and the thriller,
Though I really do enjoy a good serial killer.
(Is that wrong?)


I grew up in a tiny desert town named Hinkley in Calif. It is no longer there as they have torn down all the building due to water contamination by the power company. Everyone has left. The movie, Erin Brockovich was about Hinkley. I started writing in high school, but never got serious about it until friends encouraged me to publish my Super Pig stories.

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