How the Poem Labors

How the Poem Labors

By Lucille Gang Shulklapper. 

to fill black and rusted cauldrons
between witches cackling
on the Rorschach test,

to fill Greek urns,
of incense-breathing musk
between handles curving inward.

How the poem labors
to fill trenches of severed heads,
the abandoned helmet my sister wore;

to fill mental miles
on the long road rutted,
to linger in orchids forever bound,

to fill coupling
with the tiredness
of love and doubt.

How the poem labors
with button-shirted words;
wearing gauze bandages

to salve the wound that never heals.


LUCS34 is a widely published poet and fiction writer with work appearing in journals such as Slant, Prose-Poem Project, Red Booth Review, Consequence, and New Verse News among others, as well as in five  poetry chapbooks, the most recent titled  Gloss (Flarestack Poets, 2015).  She has led poetry workshops for The Florida Center for the Book and those facilitated through the Palm Beach Poetry Festival community outreach program.   Her first picture book, Stuck in Bed,Fred,  was also published this year. Having taught reading K-college, made recordings for the blind, and raised a family, she is presently, a volunteer with Caregiver Youth of America.   She was thrilled to have been featured in a New York Times article , “Finding Success , Well Past the Age of Wunderkind.”

Photo by Till Westermayer.

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