The Journey

The Journey

By Charles Stone.

Hugo’s destiny is to be greater than a ground dwelling commoner. And now this thing, this primeval urge is eating him, digesting him from the inside out.

His braggadocio attitude at the water cooler isolates him at the office. All of his family and friends grow weary of his incessant prophesying of the day when every living creature will view him as a king. Their failure to comprehend his drive compels him to withdraw. He begins to hang out in his apartment – alone; for thirty days his cocoon of shelter and security hardens against the negativism and ignorance.

Feeding only on the soup of his essence; he can feel his confidence grow as a vision of his greater self expands. Each new day brings improvements in his eyesight, and of his hearing. Hugo can feel the steely muscle and the strength of new legs and modified forelimbs.

He is predestined to become a better being and now the time has come to shed his cloak of dull coloration and nondescript form. It is time to rise above creeping through the underbelly of the world. The beauty, the confidence and the wings to soar are his, if only for a short time.

His family and friends marvel at his transformation and they bow in his presence.

Hugo is a Monarch, and it is good.



Photo by Sid Mosdell.

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