By Rebecca Braun

picture by MaterpieceLost

Warning:  Strong language (Profanity)

He terrorizes my mind.
I’m not sure if it is truly him,
or me, that causes
or allows the manipulation.
But it builds.

There are times when
it is not so strong,
but the thought process
becomes a learned reaction,
so whether it is true or not
doesn’t matter.
It is always there.

He’s in my mind.
His needs, his desires,
the lack of feeling,
disturbed needing,
yet the refusal to accept

I can’t react
in a normal way,
for he is a child
with no desire to love,
only taking and needing,
leaving nothing
for me.

Each day that goes by
builds fear.
What will he take from me
The incessant eating
of my sanity.
The loss of trust,
this empty,
womanless shell,
that encases nothing
but his hell.

This will not end well.

He sucks at my heart,
sips my blood, then spits
it out.  Laughing,
he enjoys my pain.

A succubus.
A parasite.
A mind fucker.

Is it my thoughts
that created this

Or, did my thoughts
blind me, from the truth
that is very real.
Numb and surreal,
accepting his abuse,
learning not to feel,
enabling his pain
to be my only meal.

And I’m hungry… so hungry.

Rebecca Braun says, “I live in Minnesota. What can I say? It’s cold here! I am a semi-retired music teacher looking for a new career, and hoping it will be writing! I have a border collie whose name is May, and a kitty-kat named Maple. I love flower gardening, snowshoeing, taking long walks with my dog, and writing poetry.”

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Anisa Irwin



This is an intense poem. It has a lot of bold imagery in it and it’s creepy, chilling and eerie all at the same time. Well done and congratulations on being published with Reader’s Carnival.



Rebecca.. once I started reading I couldn’t stop…. my mind grew hungry for what didn’t matter but was always there…. congrats on your publishment….. im new here so any advice is welcomed.


Hi Deb,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my poem. I’m happy to know it sucked you in… Welcome to the WC community! There is so much to offer here. Don’t be afraid to jump right in, post your work, join in on Wednesday Weekly challenges and Monthly Contests, and begin submitting your work for Reader’s Carnival, too. The site is very encouraging to writers at all levels. Feel free to ask questions if you are confused on how to access anything on the site. Go to status updates and post questions or socialize there.



hey Rebecca. creepy, and haunting piece. I love this part
He sucks at my heart,
sips my blood, then spits
it out. Laughing,
he enjoys my pain.

A succubus.
A parasite.
A mind fucker.



Creepy and haunting, Rebecca, wow. How well I relate to this poem. Great write and congrats on your publication!


Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Glad you found something to relate to, or should I be sorry you could relate to it? Parts of this piece are more true to life than they should be… I appreciate your positive support.


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