I Miss You, My Friend

I Miss You, My Friend

By Tim Hillebrant.

I miss you, my friend.
I miss your face and your smiles.
I miss our talks and the laughs we used to share.
I miss our quiet moments talking about everything.
Dreams, fears, desires, and regrets. I miss you, my friend. I truly wish you well.
I know and understand those things you had to tell.
I miss your smiling eyes, as you looked at me.
Knowing deep inside what true friends we would be.I miss your charming wit,
aimed at everything and everyone.
It came as naturally to you
As the rising of the sun.

I miss you and your warmth.
Your empathy and truth.
The times were more than one
you’ve helped me in deciding what to do.

I miss you my friend.
You truly mean the world to me.
In more ways than can be said.

Photo by Brandon Morse

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