Into the Clouds

Into the Clouds

By P.L. Wick.

in the shallows
just below the lake’s surface
tobacco-green moss grips its way
down gravel contours
over mottled dark boulders and
deep into the chill shadows.
glistening zephyr-grey trout
with pallid bellies
and trout of polished bronze
speckled in black with fiery-ember bellies
dart about within the lattice
of a muskrat’s aspen branch labyrinth
then chanting their silent mantras
glide away beyond jagged peaks
and into the clouds.


P. L. WICK is a versifier, never a “poet”—a writer, busy having a good time writing… Wick is one of the co-editors of quarterly poetry journal Cheap Seats Ticket to Ride.

Photo credit: Purpley Lake by Alan Witzke via Flickr CC.

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Fred Anderson


Well done! You capture a picture of nature using words with the skill of a National Geographic photographer and the soul of a poet.

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