It’s Groundhog Day!

It’s Groundhog Day!

by the Reader’s Carnival Team

art by Travis Baribeau

February is a month of contrasts. It’s short but seems to drag on and on. The bleak winter is cold and lonely with only the rarest glimpse of sun. We huddle together inside against the blow and bluster. Snow drifts and ice, love and romance. Groundhogs make their appearance and Cupids launch their arrows.

A frigid polar vortex in the northern hemisphere and blistering heat wave in the south. What kind of harsh planet is this?

The Winter Olympics will entertain and delight. Gold, silver and bronze will be wrapped in the velvety red of Saint Valentine.

So, take a break from it all. The rodent will only speak his lies anyway. Spring will never come. We might as well accept it.

This month we provide you with a means of escape. Warm your heart and let your mind wander. Join us for ‘Flirts, Flings and Flights of Fancy’

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