Jaws’ and Jane’s Day Out

Jaws’ and Jane’s Day Out

By Tim Hillebrant.

“Hey, Jaws!”

“What up, Jane?”

“Those swimmers are lookin’ mighty tasty, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, but ole Doc Fin says I have to cut back, they’re bad for my cholesterol.”

“Since when does a nibble on a swimmer or two up the cholesterol?”

“Since last month when I went on that rampage in Kokomo Beach.”

“That was you? I thought it was a Great White down from Jersey Shore.”

“Nope, all me.”

“That was six swimmers!”

“No, it was six swimmers, a skin diver, and a treasure hunter.”

“Eight people? You’re a machine!”

“Well, to hear the people tell it, all we do is eat, swim, and make little sharks.”

“Hot damn, you’re a menace.”

“Menace of the seven seas, that’s me!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go after just one? That lady on the shore wading with her kids looks tasty.”

“She does, doesn’t she?”

“Yup. Just think, all that tender flesh, pruning in the water.”

“Yum, pruned people flesh. My favorite.”

“Should we dig in?”

“You know, I think I can restart my diet tomorrow. I’m in!”

Tim Hillebrant is an author/photographer from Southeast Idaho where he was born and raised.  Currently living near Boise, Idaho, Tim is a husband, father, and passionate reader.  His other interests include camping, fishing, cooking, movies, music, and trivia.  Tim can also often be found helping out with Writers Carnival, where he serves as a member of the administrator’s community support team.  You can see other examples of his work at; www.writerscarnival.ca

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I remember reading this for the first time in the authorless contest, and I know I voted for this one because it was sooooooooooooo friggin’ AWESOME! Seriously, this piece is ‘killer’ in more ways than one. Superb work here. 🙂



Love this, Tim! I knew this piece was yours when I first read it in the Author-less Contest! You are a master of dialogue-only stories! Well done! 😉

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