Joey and the Dragon

Joey and the Dragon

by Susan Tilghman Hawthorne

art by Joe-Roberts

Tap… tap, tap.

Joey heard the sound coming from beneath the ground.

Tap… tap, tap.

He got down on all fours and listened more closely.

Tap… tap, tap.

He grabbed a stick and started to dig. Soon a smooth, round stone came into view. With a lot of prying and grunting, he managed to pop it out of the ground. It was as big around as his hand from wrist to fingertips.

The sound came from it.

He shook it. The sound stopped, then started again.

Tap…tap, tap.

He stood and stared at the object and began to discern tiny fractures across its smooth surface.

Tap… tap, tap.

They began to darken and widen. A tiny chip flew out from it. He could see movement where the chip had been. The fractures widened more as something pushed from within.

He realized the thing was an egg or chrysalis of some sort.

Tap… tap, tap.

He saw what he thought was an eye peering out at him, then heard the sound of something sharp skittering over the hard surface inside. Another bit popped up and something pushed at it eagerly.

A tiny green nose pushed through the opening, which was getting wider and wider. Finally, with a cracking noise, the side caved outwards and a small head popped up. It had big brown eyes and a long snout with a forked tongue that it was using to clean itself off. The little creature sat up and Joey saw a spiny ridge running down its back and two delicate wings on each side.

The creature looked up at him with a mewling sound.

Wow! Just like that kid in the book, he’d found his very own little pet dragon!

Scooping the little creature up, he ran from the park toward home, shouting “Mom, MOM!” all the way.


My name is Susan Hawthorne and I have always wanted to write. I remember when my mother read Winnie the Pooh to me and I knew I wanted to make stories like that. My short story – A Step in Time – is published in an Anthology called A World of Possibility. It’s available on Smashwords for Kindle, Nook, IBooks, etc.

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Renee Knows SMedia


Hey Susan enjoyed the story. It is so clear that you are visionary writer. As I read I felt the need to see each and every picture you presented a few phrases threw me like, “then heard the sound of something sharp,” and …”the side caved outward. However overall the story had me from the beginning and held my attention to the end. Keep being awesome Susan.

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