Kick Back Clothing

Kick Back Clothing

By Susan Marie Davniero.

Today there are no fashion rules – everyone seems to do their own thing. Essentially there really aren’t ‘fashion don’ts.’ Yet, if you ask my family they’ll say my white jumpsuit is a “fashion don’t.” In good old summer time my good old polyester white jumpsuit from 1998 comes out. You can hear my old sister taunt me; “I know it’s summer if Susan’s white jumpsuit is on. Must you wear it again?”

The polyester, washable white fabric of the jumpsuit has worn well without discoloration and has lasted all these years. And I can still fit into the junior jumpsuit from Rainbow store, which is good for my moral as I age. The jumpsuit is my go-to summer casual outfit for Saturday errands and summer fun at street fairs, parks picnics, and parades.

I tend to live in my “go-to kick back” one-piece white jumpsuit for the casual summer days and summer fun. Even us “Golden girls just want to have fun,”and wearing the jumpsuit is fun.

I was never one to conform to fashion or follow the crowd; the jumpsuit suits me fine and I’m not going to start now at this age. The jumpsuit is an easy one piece, flattering monotone look for my petite size.

But the jumpsuit doesn’t suit my husband as he begs, “Can’t you wear pants and a top?” while he’s zipping my jumpsuit for me and giving in to me. My husband is inclined to give me my way “happy wife, happy life”.

My fashionable twin sister, wearing her red cashmere top and white size 4 pants, knocks me wearing my white jumpsuit again as she teases; “Only you and Elvis wear white jumpsuits…” Which seem especially appropriate the time we were watching an Elvis impersonator at a summer Massapequa Park fair and “Elvis”and I both wore our white jumpsuits. Unfortunately for my family, all their ribbing and badgering doesn’t stop me from wearing it.

Every summer when I reach into the back of the closet for that white jumpsuit I remember the good times I had wearing it. All clothes tell a story, and the jumpsuit has a lot to say. Maybe it also says a lot of my hanging onto to being young, trying to look young or being independent, non-conforming. Yet,to me I just think it makes me look good.

Alas, sometimes your mirror is in other people’s eyes, how others may see you, and I am concerned if I should stop wearing it–being guilty of the “Emperor Has No Clothes” complex. But than what would I wear instead – boring tops and pants that aren’t as flattering.

There are those days when the sun doesn’t shine and I question my outfit. I wonder if what I wear may have nothing to do with the outfit at all. Rather, it has everything to do with the woman in the mirror – which begs to ask “mirror, mirror on the wall – do I look good after all?”


SUSAN MARIE DAVNIERO lives in Lindenhurst, NY

Photo by Alex.

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