Kismet, Serendipity or Just Lucky?

Kismet, Serendipity or Just Lucky?

by the Reader’s Carnival team

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Welcome to the third issue of Reader’s Carnival! We have a lot of fun things in store for you. You can navigate the site using the tags you see directly above this article or by simply clicking on the month you’re interested in reading.

March is a fun month because St. Patrick’s Day is great holiday. Leprechauns, rainbows, green beer, pots filled with gold, and lucky horseshoes. It’s like a dream come true!

What is the legend behind the leprechaun, though? Let’s take a look…

Folklore tells us that the leprechaun originates from the medieval times. It is deriviative of the Irish word, Leipreachan. Also, leprechauns are short, around three feet tall, and are often seen in older images working on a singular horseshoe.

Leprechauns are tricksters. They will deceive when possible and can’t be trusted. They have the ability, usually, to grant three wishes, but it can be difficult to negotiate the terms with them. They are a type of magical fairy and they are associated with luck.

So, from the Reader’s Carnival leprechaun to you -yes, we captured one and worked out some terms and conditions, and the little guy granted us a wish- here are a couple of opportunities to win some prizes by simply emailing us and telling us what you think of Reader’s Carnival this far! The address is:

Prize #1: A copy of the anthology, Midnight Abyss. This is a collection of short stories written by nine different authors. For reviews and synopsis, follow this Amazon link:

Prize #2: A six month upgraded subscription to our sister site, Writer’s Carnival.  Writer’s Carnival is a place where you can share your writing (prose, poetry, script or blog) for feedback, enter contests, join group discussions and more! Check it out here:

To wrap this up, let’s throw a HUGE congratulations out to this month’s contest winners…


1st place… Leap of Faith by Thomas Giles

Runners Up… Trading Places by Rebecca Braun and Luckcidence by Rachel Hofton

Got Luck:

1st place… Bad Luck Duck by Elaine Fields Smith

Runners Up… Nine O’Clock by Shravya and Shaping Circumstances by Olivia G. Owens

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