Lake Huron

Lake Huron

by Andrew Cyril Macdonald


The vast expanse invites where’s marked not a thing

But the timeless our essence pours out of.


White caps as wide tongues lap-up

Playful in the demeanour of roar.

Awash in them and at last ourselves in their swell,

We ask for the more

That like unto like we should have it—

Crash and roar were we made for.


What clasp it gathers,

What force it swells

In the powerful love it offers.

Up-thrown against, the robust encounter then crashes us

Frenzied in the will of such savage adventure.


Azure eternity the movement it makes

Shuts will and drowns ambition

As steady its vastness reminds

Lives draw out and extinguish

In the drag each are marked with.


The wave’s play engages, sprays against us

As we lie about its numerous deaths,

Wash-ups the shore confronts with.

How the roaring holler lifts and tosses,

Dashes and carries down at our feet

Flesh and plant to its fancy succumbing.

What holocaust surrounds us,

And, witness to this, the sense we have

As something to contend with

Lies just as dead on these sands

The water’s millennia have pounded.

Andrew Cyril Macdonald confronts nature and the intricacies of human existence on a routine basis.  Believing true fulfillment requires a sense of both solitude and belonging, it is along the shores of Lake Huron that he discovers a true respect for the Other and constant reminders not to take himself too seriously.

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