Life to Live

Life to Live

by BC Hickey

photo by d-i-e-g-o

John was a simple man. He went to work, paid his bills on time, and was an all around good guy. He was a model citizen, the kind of guy you looked up to.

John felt unhappy though, and decided to change. He would make an escape, grab a hold of life.

One morning, he drove down to the beach and watched the sunrise. He walked along the sand, feeling it between his toes as the cool breeze swept across his face.

He saw a beautiful girl and knew he must meet her. He strolled over and started a casual conversation. They laughed, and by the end of the exchange, he went off with a kiss on the cheek and a phone number.

John knew people missed him but he didn’t care. For the first time, he felt alive and free. He would fix it tomorrow.

He sped down the freeway, speeding for the first time. He felt like a kid in a candy store and nothing would hold him back again. John discovered he had to live life or he would end up like his brother, Tommy.

Tommy was a good man, who went to work everyday, paid his bills on time, did what was expected. Tommy died of a heart attack at thirty. John wouldn’t be like him, he would live and carry on his brother’s memory in all the life he had left.

I live in Houston, Texas and have my entire life. I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in English. I desire to write and create stories, poem, and use other art forms to express my feelings and passions in life.  I currently work in HR to pay the bills but writing is what I was born to do.

I have previously had a flash fiction piece entitled “Time to Say Goodbye” published online at and had a selection of three poems published in the online fall 2013 edition with “BlazeVOX”.

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