Lindy’s Best Blessing

Lindy’s Best Blessing

by Sherry Sage

art by Tamsoo7a

Every fairy in the land danced to welcome the arrival of the full moon. Polonaise, Queen of the Fairies decreed long ago, that all who basked in her reign shall be blessed with dancing feet when their one hundredth full moon was reached.

Little Lindy Fairy’s day for blessing was just one moon and one sun cycle away. After watching her older sibling, cousins and friends, it was her turn tomorrow eve.

“I want to be famous. I want to wear pretty things and most of all I want to be a great dancer.” She told the wishing star that blinked in the bedtime sky.

The next morning, Lindy awoke to find some lovely gifts, from the Queen herself. Each new girl dancer received a pair of fancy shoes, a flower circlet, trailing with more ribbons, and a wand. The boy fairies were given the same thing, but without all the girly ribbons of course.

Squealing with delight Lindy twirled before picking up the smooth satin slippers. She sat down to tug them on and even tied the ribbon around her legs all by herself. Standing in the mirror as she pointed and flexed her toes, she admired how the new dancing shoes looked.

“Am I a dancer now?” She wondered.

Lindy stood up and did a little test spin. But the rug bunched over one foot and made her trip. She fell on her bottom with a clumsy thud.

“Ouch! I guess I need um my circlet yes that must be what’s missing!”

So the little fairy picked up the circlet with her finger tips. A pastel perfume of Sweet Peas and Thyme delighted her senses as she sat the flower crown upon her glossy gold locks. Standing in the mirror, she turned her head this way, and that way. Pink, soft purples and spring green, she admired how the circlet matched her hair perfectly.

“Am I a dancer now?” She asked.

Lindy stood up, and lifted her arms and leapt like a cricket. It felt so good to jump, but when her flowers slipped she gasped in horror as her lovely gift was nearly stepped on. Her head hung for a moment, then lifted her eyebrows with a giggle.

“Of course, silly fairy, the wand is next! I must hold it in my hand. That must be where the magic is!”

So the little fairy replaced her wreath, grasped the handle of the wand and stood in the mirror. She circled the spray of silver and gold round until she heard it tinkle like tiny bells.

“Surely the magic is in here.” She said.

Lindy stood up, fluttered her wings and pointed her toes to the floor. The wind suddenly snapped the window shutter open and Lindy found herself twirled into a much too fast pirouette. Tripping on the bed she fell on to it. Burning tears dampened the quilt.

“Maybe the blessing isn’t meant to be mine after all.”

“Come along my family, time for tea!” Lindys mother Musette called from the drawing room.

Everyone including the younger fairy took a seat at the table.

“We mustn’t be late for Lindys big day. How lovely you look in your pretty shoes, your flower circlet and holding your sparkly wand.”

Her Papa Quadrille winked as he sweetened his tea with extra honey.

“I am so proud of you my little daughter. I know you will be the prettiest dancer in all the fairy land.”

Jig came down and, even though he was sometimes a jerk, smiled to Lindy.

“Yeah I guess you look pretty sis. So like, good luck and stuff.” Her brother smacked fish lips against her cheek before diving into his breakfast.

The youngest fairy stared into her oatmeal, shielding a pout from the rest of her family. Mama looks so happy, Lindy thought, even Jig was nice to me. How can I tell them my blessing hasn’t come? She picked at some cereal so no one would ask why she was not hungry.

When dusk fell, the Fairies all gathered on the great hill top where a bonfire tickled the magenta sky with smoke.  Each of the older faeries danced first, starting of course with the beautiful Queen Polonaise and her King Mazurka. They dipped and swayed as graceful as two swans in a pond.

After the awed applause, Lindys family took their turns as they spun and skipped, twirled and tapped.

And then all too soon, it was Lindys turn. All eyes were on her, the Queen smiled at the young one. Lindy had no choice but to begin, as the harpist strummed, the drummer thrummed.

The fairy sailed into the air as her wings carried her. At once she felt off balance, landing hard on the ground.

“Ooh carrots! I, I don’t have my blessing your majesty. I’m sorry it hasn’t come yet.”

The queen lifted her chin and glanced up at the moon curiously.

“Whatever do you mean child? Have you not been practicing? Every fairy must dance!”

Lindy’s cheeks burned crimson, as she swallowed a sob of shame.

“Yes Your Majesty. I have practiced, but every time I just fell or made a mistake.” She sighed and looked at the ground.

“Well there is one thing you must do then.” Polonaise replied, her eyes gleaming with wisdom and fondness for her young subject. “Forget everything else, close your eyes, give yourself to the music, to the movement it creates with in you. Do not stop Lindy…” The Queen gave a nod to the minstrel pair who shifted tones to a bouncing reel.

Lindy’s toes began to tingle as her wings unfolded. When she swooped her arms down and her knees kicked up the ribbons on her pretty shoes began to slide down her legs. Her brand new slippers flew off, her feet were caught in the satin and she stumbled around in the dewy grass. The blushing performer pouted again, she wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there forever. But instead she got back up, forgetting all about her slippers.

Everyone had their eyes on her. The pulsing rhythm within her spirit returned. Lindy fluttered her pixie wings and they carried her over the audience.

A night breeze swept in, spinning her out of control. She gasped as the second of her gifts, her wreath of sweet peas, was suddenly lifted in a gust, and sent sailing into the trees. Lindy felt the breeze lick at the tears on her cheeks. Still, the little fairy danced onwards.

She forgot all about her pretty shoes and sweet flowers. The wand jingled in time to the minstrels and the crowd oohed and ahhed. It was a sight to behold, the lovely young daughter tapped, leapt, tumbled and twirled perfectly to the music.

Then from the center of Lindy’s fairy heart came a glow that illuminated warmth and joy. Even with no slipper on her feet, no flowers in her hair, the moonlight still bathed her with liquid love. The fairies all saw that Lindy was indeed blessed. There was no stopping her now.

Queen Polonaise laughed warmly, for she loved this little pixie’s courage.

“You see child….the key is always to find your own gifts. Shiny things are certainly pretty to look at. But they do not make you a blessed dancer. Only the heart inside of you may honour you with talent. Do you love to dance?”

“Yes I love to dance Your Majesty!” Joy filled the hilltop with girlish laughter.

“Then rejoice in that faith; for you are a wonderful dancer.” Polonaise smiled and lifted her face to the crowd who fell silent as she spoke the royal announcement. “My gathered subjects, my dear ones, welcome our newest dancer, Lindy. Let us all share in her achievement and let us all dance beside her.”

A chorus of clapping and cheering rang out for their youngest cousin. They hugged her and showered her with prayers and blessings.

“What a wondrous day for you, Lindy.” called out Aunt Minuet.

“Blessings little fairy, moons light to you too.” sang her best friends Meo and Molly.

”Dancing really is my best blessing. Oh thank you Your Majesty, thank you everyone!” Lindy smiled her biggest smile and flew beside Queen Polonaise into the crowd.

Then all the fairies spread their gossamer wings, lifted into the sky and became like a blanket of earth stars. Twinkling as the music played, the Moons light blessed them.

-The End-

Sherry is 34, Canadian, and has been married to a wonderful man for seven years. She has been writing since kindergarten. Publishing a break out novel would be her dream for the next year or two.

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