Look Ma No TV

Look Ma No TV

By Susan Marie Davniero.

I turned the TV. Yet, the choice was not mine. By chance during our home renovations, my husband and I moved out temporarily while the home repair (new kitchen/bath) work was being done. We didn’t take the cable TV box with us, deciding against it due to the expense of disconnecting and installing elsewhere which could result in the loss of our special plan. Without cable hookup, no TV would work, so we  lived without a TV.

Living without a TV is the new normal for us. We will be back home soon enough, but during this time our life has change channels so to speak. It seems radio days are here again…as my husband Bob and I turn on the radio; FAM Sports, WHLI AM, 1010 News and Family Radio. Reading has become a page turner in this chapter of our lives: reading the newspapers, books, magazines, jumble and crossword puzzles. And conversation has turned up its volume as my husband and I talk more.

I admit I can’t join in with the office water cooler TV shows talk at work…but like a TV commercial, it was just chatter and a waste of time. But shutting off the TV has its rewards. It seems shutting off the TV has become a blessing in disguise. The TV blocked my energy to be free to live life to the fullest. Without spacing out wasting time in front of the TV, I have found space in my day to get everything done. After years of Mom telling me to shut off the TV and do something worthwhile – I am. Mother was right after all.

For me, TV watching is like chocolate cake…it’s something that I once enjoyed but was bad for me, that I don’t do anymore.  I’m healthier and in better shape since turning off the TV. And my husband and I are only getting closer.

Living without TV reminds me this is not our home. It’s not forever, and the real Gallup Poll on if we return to watching TV can only be taken once we are back home with cable. But I have learned that living without TV isn’t so bad after all – I can survive! Without the company of the TV, I have found company with family, friends, hobbies, church… and everything is getting done on my “to do list.” It’s a new world.

Life is not a spectator sport – I learned to live life, not watch it. Essentially, turning off the TV has turned into a better, healthier life style for me.

Photo by Antti T. Nissinen.

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