Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

By Rebecca Braun.

The towering waves roar above me,
deafening wind, a tumultuous squall
crashes down on my tiny raft.
Lightning flashes, revealing a wall of water
and the eye of the storm.

The raft is blown to the top
of a cresting wave.
Ropes are viciously torn from my hands,
and I dangle,
clinging on the edge of the raft
as it topples over the slope.

For a transcendent moment
weightless and free,
in slow motion
amidst the angry light of the storm,
and the torrential rain.

My heart is thumping.
There is nothing more to do.



Rain is pounding
and my hands are slipping,
losing hold of the last of the timber
being swallowed by water and wind,
until there is nothing left
for my fingers to hold.

I wait for the crash,
understanding death
is near.

Nothing but blackness.
No pain.
No more fear.

My damp eyes open
to see your worried face.
The nightmare is over,
in your arms
I find my place.

10989169_956707324341075_6937307188149812895_nBecky grew up in the Midwest, United States, and now resides in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her loyal border collie, May.  They enjoy long walks and snowshoeing in the winter.  She believes her writing inspiration comes through walking a spiritual path and being open to the universe. Her first career was in education, teaching music for over twenty years in the public school system.  Now, she is pursuing a new career and passion, writing.

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