Love At First Bite

Love At First Bite

by Roxanna Andrews

photo by devilicious-g

I stood in line at the hamburger stand,
A five dollar bill crumpled up in my hand.

“Who’s next?” Oh, yes that would be me,
I squinted at the menu, it was hard to see.

Then I looked into the eyes of the boy behind the counter,
And forgot who I was, much less what to order.

I stammered and sweated and my hands shook,
Who would guess I’d fall in love with only one look.

“Oh, I…I’ll take a burger and fries,
I smiled as I gazed into his hazel eyes.

“One flat cow and a bag of cut spuds!” he bellowed, quite charmingly,
I jumped, then admired his voice, it was so manly.

I notice his badge said, “Hello my name is Keith.”
He smiled as he gave my change, he had perfect teeth.

His little striped hat said, “Manager.” This no suprise.
I knew he to the very top of his profession would rise.

I stood back and waited for my order call,
I tried to look mysterious, alluring, and tall.

But beautiful Keith, he gave me not one glance.
So I stared at my shoes, I went into a trance.

I began to daydream about Keith and I,
We’re in a hot air balloon in the brilliant blue sky.

We hold hands and laugh, he takes out a ring,
“Do you love me?” he asked,  my heart goes “Ping!”

“Do you love me?” I asked gazing into hazel eyes,
“Hey lady, here’s your order, a burger and fries!”

Oh Keith, what a little charmer you are.
We could have been something, and I walked to my car.


I grew up in a tiny desert town named Hinkley in Calif. It is no longer there as they have torn down all the building due to water contamination by the power company. Everyone has left. The movie, Erin Brockovich was about Hinkley. I started writing in high school, but never got serious about it until friends encouraged me to publish my Super Pig stories.

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